Monday, 31 October 2011

Increasing Your Stamina

If you take a look at virtually any activity in which increased strength would be beneficial, you'll notice that for increased strength to be beneficial, you to take advantage of strength over an extended period of time ...

Having incredible endurance means being able to work hard for a long period — without punking out or puking. For mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, it's the most important physical skill you can have (after the martial arts technique itself). For the rest of us, endurance training is the ideal way to become leaner, more durable, and mentally unflappable.

Interval training involves short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short cool down periods of low intensity training. For example, a minute of high-knees would be followed by 30 seconds of step touch. Or running 8 mph for three minutes would be followed by a minute of jogging 4 mph, for a short time period. Quick bursts of energy followed by short breaks to catch your breath are a great way to improve your stamina.

Most people think of aerobic exercise when trying to increase stamina, but the truth is that real fitness magic happens when you simultaneously improve your muscular AND cardiovascular systems. Use weight machines, free weights, fitness bands and your own body weight (my favorite) to drastically increase your stamina.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Demi Moore Abs Workout

Having starred in films like G.I. Jane, Striptease and Charlie’s Angels, Demi Moore has proven to the world that it’s still possible to have a killer body at the age of 46! Sure you may think that plastic surgery has helped a lot, but without a lot of dedication to healthy eating and continuous training all that artificial work would have been lost in a couple months.

If you want to have a plan just like Demi then the key thing you will have to focus on is changing it up as much as you can from week to week. Try and hit at least 3 days a week of a level that is quite intense and builds the point of complete exhaustion. It’s not going to be easy having a body like hers so don’t give up.

The below ab exercises for week 1 are inspired by fit celeb Demi Moore.

Day 1: The Butterfly

This is exercise allows you to work your deep abs and get a flat and sexy tummy.

1. Sit comfortably on a gym mat or carpet with your legs crossed.

2. Don’t worry if you aren’t very flexible at the start. As you progress in your ab sessions your knees will eventually reach the ground so that you create the perfect butterfly :).

3. Place your hands under the nape of your neck. Inhale through your nose.

4. Raise your bust a few centimeters (approx. 10 cm) while exhaling through your mouth (not forcefully).

5. Repeat 25 times, and as you progress, move up to 50 times. Yes, you can do it!

6. Caution: Do not push your head with your hands as this puts you at risk of injuring your neck. The purpose of your hands is only to keep your head in alignment with your back and shoulders. You don’t want to curve your back like a turtle!

7. Do this exercise 4 times a week.

Day 2: The Balancer

For those who want a real challenge to tackle those deep abs that never seem to firm up, here is the absolute weapon: The Balancer. The Balancer is what we call a functional exercise, because it uses the weight of the body (and a small nudge in the right direction with a ball) to strengthen your muscles. You really have to keep your balance with this one! You can do it anywhere: in your living room during ad breaks in your favorite TV show, in the morning after your walk, in the evening before going to sleep, etc. You are the boss!

1. If you have fragile knees like me, I advise you to kneel on a gym mat, 2 beach towels, carpet, or a rug.

2. Keep your back straight.

3. Take a medicine ball weighing 1 kg (beginner), 3 kg (intermediate) or 6 kg (advanced).

4. Keeping your back straight, your stomach in, and your arms very slightly bent so as not to put pressure on the elbows, carry out a balancing move (a circular motion like the hands of a clock) as you see in the image. Go from the right-hand side towards the left, and then return. A return round counts as 1 movement.

5. Repeat 10 times (beginner), 30 times (intermediate) or 50 times (advanced). The ideal is to be strong enough to be able to repeat the series 3 times in all.

6. I recommend you to do this exercise once a day. It takes 2 minutes and the results are visible almost immediately!

Day 3: Crossed Ball Abs

This movement integrates your core muscles and works your deep obliques, abs, and lower back. For this exercise I use a 6 kg ball, but you can start with a lighter object.

1. Lie down on a gym mat.

2. Bend your legs and fix a ball (approx. 5 kg) between your knees.

3. Stretch your arms out on either side in order to stabilize your upper body, creating a T shape. Point your toes.

4. Move your legs from the right towards the left and back. Your upper body should barely move at all. Do several movements back and forth and then pause at center. Repeat, starting from left to right.

5.Hold the ball firmly, so that it doesn’t slip out, and also to work your inner thigh muscles.

6. Repeat 20 times for beginners, 30 times for an intermediate level, and 50 times (let us be insane) for the advanced ones.

7. Do this exercise 3 times a week.

Day 4: Partner Abs

This exercise works your deep abdominals.

1. Lie on your back with your arms stretched above your head and the soles of your feet touching your partner’s.

2. Inhale. Then exhale, and as you do, lift yourself up and grasp your partner’s hands (as shown in the video).

3. Do a series of 25.

Day 5: Boxer Abs

This exercise works your deep abs, lower back, triceps, and adductor muscles. Caution: this is an advanced level exercise and requires a strong core. Only perform this exercise if you can do 150 abs in succession.

1. Lie on your right side on a gym mat or towel, using your forearm for support.

2. With your abs contracted, lift yourself off the mat, using your right forearm and right foot to hold up your body.

3. Raise and lower your left leg in a controlled movement (as shown in the video). Do a series of 10.

4. Rest and repeat on the other side.

Day 6: V Pilate

Here is a super exercise to give you a flat tummy in no time! You can even do this move while you’re watching TV, during the commercial breaks.

1. Lay on your back, with your legs stretched out on the ground.

2. Holding your weight on the lower back (coccyx), lift your legs up together, and raise your torso at the same time (without arching your back), so that your body forms a “V” shape.

3. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Then lower your legs approximately
10 cm.

4. Hold for 10 more seconds and lower your legs another 10 cm.

5. When your legs are about 10 cm above the ground, hold the position for as long as you can. The burning sensation is a sign that your muscles are working effectively ;)

6. Do this movement 5 times.

Day 7: Yoyo

1. Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart.

2. Take a weight in your each hand (500g for beginners, 1kg for intermediate level and 2kg for advanced).

3. Then lower your left arm and torso along the left side of your body, as low possible.

4. Don’t lean forward, only on the side, just enough to feel the resistance in your love-handles.

5. Rise up slowly and do the same on the right-hand side.

6. Do this movement 25 times on each side, and move up to 50 as you progress.

Check out their recommended eating plan as well.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Proper Technique for Sit Ups

Sit ups are a very common form of exercise that is used worldwide as an important part of exercise regimes.

What is less well acknowledged is that unless you perform sit ups in the correct manner you could be loosing up to 80% of the benefits they bring. Nobody wants to exercise hard and not loose pounds and gain muscle. Everything in exercise is about the quality, not so much the quantity which comes with time.

Abdominal muscles can be strengthened when sit ups are done with the maximum care and technique. What is sought with the perfect sit up is bringing your torso up towards your knees from an initial lying down posture, using the abdominal muscle group only.

A mistake many people make is to end up using other muscle groups additionally. Often these muscles are far more powerful, e.g. flexors of the hips and legs, reducing the benefit you receive from your sit ups. This situation is particularly pronounced with straight leg sit ups.

Begin by lying with your back on the floor. You can use a cushioned mat if you like. Bend your legs at the knee, keeping your feet on the floor, in a line with your hips.

Place your hands behind your head. You can interlace your fingers if you like, or just set your hands on either side of your head, whatever is comfortable for you. Alternately, you can place your arms across your torso, as shown by the Navy man in the photo.

Engage your abs, meaning tense your muscles just enough to feel some resistance. Inhale.

Exhale and curl your upper body and then your lower back off the ground, rising toward your knees.

Roll back down toward the ground and inhale, with your lower back touching the ground first and then your upper body.

Strengthening the abs will not remove fat from the waistline. There is no such thing as spot reduction, because muscles do not fuel exercise by using the fat that surrounds them. Instead, during exercise the body tends to mobilize fat from storage depots throughout the body, so the fat used as fuel during sit-ups may come from the legs, back, face, or other areas. To remove body fat, you must burn calories, and lots of them. The abdominal muscle group is relatively small, and the number of calories expended during a bout of sit-ups is minimal. A brisk walk or jog will expend more calories than hundreds of sit-ups. Remember: This information is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Before starting an exercise program, consult a physician.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chris Evans's Captain America Workout

Chris Evans’ Workout consisted of a heavy split routine. For those that don’t know what a split routine is, it is when you train one body part each day of the week and then rinse and repeat. It’s what I recommend in most of my posts. I wouldn’t say this workout is limited by any gym experience, it is intensive however and if your just starting it may be worth seeking more basic training before attempting this.

Day 1 – Captain America Workout

Starting off the week with a Leg workout involving plenty of compound exercises;

Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Calf Raises

Do each of these exercises for 4 sets with 8 repetitions in each. Keep the rest time to a maximum of 90 seconds. Walking at the end of this should not be pleasant.
Day 2 – Chris Evans Workout

This second day is going to be a shoulder session;

Military Press
Dumbell Press
Lateral raises
Seated Lateral Raise
Seated Barbel Press

Again 4 set of each with a minimum of 8 repetitions.
Day 3 -Chris Evans Workout
Day 3 is going to be a Back day and contains another set of compound movements which aids muscle hypertrophy.

Pull ups
Seated row
Straight leg deadlift
Bent over row
Lateral Flys

This is an exceptionally intensive day, again aim for 4 set of 8 reps. Pushing yourself to failure on the deadlifts is a must.
Day 4 – Captain America Workout
This can be a rest day if you are feeling a little sore and I would recommend it. However if you are feeling good lets get working our chest.

Flat Bench Barbell Press
Incline Bench Berbell Press
Flat bench Dumbbell Press
Decline Dumbbell Press
Incline Dumbell Flys
Peck Deck

Again an intensive day with 7 exercises, 4 sets each of 8 repetitions.
Day 5 – Chris Evans Workout
Today we are going to purely focus on the guns.

Dumbbell curls
Tricep pushdowns
Barbell Curls
Preacher Curls
Skull Crushers
Hammer Curls

Again every exercise for 4 sets and with 8 reps in each.
Depending on if you have a rest day half way through the exercise you will now have either 1 or 2 days off. You then rinse and repeat and expect to see insane results within a short period of time.

So in conclusion the Chris Evans Workout is an intensive mass building routine. There are plenty of compound exercises put in throughout the week. This makes sure every muscle is constantly being worked out. 2 rest days are in there just to make sure you don’t become a complete mess, it should be intensive enough with them.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Best Cardio to Burn Belly Fat

What’s really wild is your body continues burning more calories hours after your workout. And the best part is, you burn stomach fat faster by working out less!

Yet, too many people still do the same, slow even paced 30 to 45 minutes of cardio day in and day out. They assume by doing longer cardio workouts everyday, they'll burn more fat. Big mistake!

Doing 30 to 45 minutes of cardio every day is great. But if that 30 to 45 minutes is slow and low-intensity, you’re not burning any fat! You have to be working at the optimum intensity level--not just half-@ssed! Just like anything else in life, you can’t do it half-@ssed and expect to see great results…

But, how many of us can really do cardio (or anything for that matter) at an optimum intensity level for 30 to 45 minutes straight? We can’t. It’s humanly impossible. Our bodies aren’t build that way. We need to be able to take a break.

Running is probably the best form of cardio exercise that yields maximum result in minimum time. It does not require complicated and costly equipment, and there’s no need to visit the gym every other day too. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. Make it a habit of running for a while, either in the morning or late in the evening. Do this at least 5 days a week. You should however alternate your running speed between fast and slow to achieve the best result.

According to Professor Steve Boucher, the Australian co-author of the latest interval training study to show intervals work better than slow cardio, "high intensity intermittent exercise may result in greater fat loss in the abdomen".

Surprisingly, Boucher recommends stationary cycling as one of the best ways to burn fat with intervals. Seems like another fat loss expert has been saying that for years now...oh yeah, it was me! I know, and research shows that using both resistance training and interval burns more fat than slow cardio workouts.

Try to do squat jumps too. This is probably going to be one of the most fundamental exercises on this list but it’s still one of the best. To perform a squat jump place your hands behind your head and then squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and then explosively jump in the air as high as you can. It’s important to land back in the squatting position and as softly as you can to prevent knee pain.

One Arm Chin Ups : How to Do it?

If you want to get technical about it, a pull-up is done with a pronated (overhand) grip, while a chin-up implies a supinated (underhand) grip. A lot of people find that the pull-up is a more difficult exercise – this tends to be especially true for beginners.

The one armed chin-up is one of only a handful of bodyweight exercises that get a 10 for difficulty rating by unique bodyweight exercises. It is without doubt a daunting challenge and can take many months or several years to master but at the same time, it is also one of the most impressive physical feats you can achieve and if you do nail it, you can take comfort in the fact that you will be part of an elite group as only one person in every one hundred thousand can manage it.

When you do a one arm pull-up, however, there’s a certain amount of unavoidable rotation. This is why many of the people who can perform this feat will wind up bringing the bar towards the shoulder opposite their pulling arm.

First and foremost, if you can already do 5 pull-ups (i.e. palms facing forward; chin-ups are done with palms facing your chest and tend to be a little easier) or more, start to build your overall pull-up strength by adding weight to your 2-arm pull-ups (a weight belt, ankle weights, weight vest, or carefully loaded backpack are all options here) until you reach a weight that you can do for several sets of 2-5 repetitions.

ike many things in life patience is the key to mastering the one arm chin up. It can take months or years to achieve so do not rush through the different progressions and do not train for it more than 2 or a maximum of three times a week as rushing the progressions or over training almost always results in injury.

When doing negative reps you need to lower yourself down under control and very slowly. Take at least 5 seconds from start to finish and pause at different places on the way down if possible.

The more muscles you can tense, particularly your abs and butt cheeks the easier it will be.

The natural inclination of your body is to turn away from the bar so use your free arm and shoulder to turn in to it (imagine your body is a human cork screw and you will get the idea)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hulk Hogan Workout Routine

Finding the perfect workout routine for you isn't about sticking together all the highest calorie burning exercises, but about putting together a program that is enjoyable to you and is most likely to encourage you to continue with the routine after the initial excitement wears off and you have to push yourself to get through.

The key to the perfect workout routine is creating one that you are actually going to use and have fun using. As long as a workout routine is nothing but a chore, you're going to have really limited success. Make it something you look forward to, and you will accomplish all of your workout goals.

Hulk Hogan is the "Michael Jordan" of professional wrestling. He achieved mainstream popularity in the mid 1980s through the early 1990s as the all-American, working-class hero, known as "Hulk Hogan" in the WWF (later becoming the WWE). In the mid 1990s he became the villainous NWO leader "Hollywood" Hogan in the WCW. He is credited with bringing wrestling into mainstream culture. Hogan is currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and has done his fair share of acting. He had a lead role in The Nanny, played a large part in Rocky III and has his own hit reality TV show called "Hogan Knows Best".

Hulk Hogan works out heavily with weights and even has a full workout facility in his own home. Hulk does a lot of compound exercises that work on multiple muscles at once such as the squat, bench press, clean and jerk, leg press, deadlift, and pull-ups. He works out very intensely and makes sure to keep his rest periods to a minimum so he keeps his heart rate up and maintains that lean look. Hulk Hogan still drinks raw eggs in a gulp for breakfast before working out at his gym every morning.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine

The Kim Kardashian workout routine has become quite popular since Kim slimmed down for Dancing With The Stars. Because of her body type, Kim will always struggle with keeping her lower body in shape.

Here are some workout moves inspired by Kim Kardashian's wedding workout routine:

Focusing On the Upper Body
"We do a modified push/pull resistance workout with cardio intervals," says Gunnar.

These are some examples of push/pull exercises...

Lat Pulldown

*Sit down in a lat pulldown station and grab the bar with an overhand grip that's just beyond shoulder width.

*Without moving your torso, pull the bar down to your chest as you continue to squeeze your shoulder blades
*Pause, then slowly return to the starting position.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

*Stand holding a pair of dumbbells just outside your shoulders, with your arms bent and palms facing each other
*Set your feet shoulder-width apart, and slightly bend your knees.

*Press the weights upward until your arms are completely straight.
*Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

According to Shape Magazine, anyone can do Kim’s favorite workout so long as they have a small 10-pound weighted medicine ball and a set of 5-8 pound dumb bells. She does 6-15 reps of Side Lunge Woodchops, Wide Ball Squats, Rebound Rotations, Ball Pushups, Bus Drivers, Skater’s Lunge With Kickbacks, Squat-Curl-Governor-Press Combos and 50 skips of Jump Rope. Ideally, she’ll do this routine two to three times a week, warming up with 5-10 minutes of cardio and closing with a stretching cool-down after four complete circuits.

Kim Kardashian works out at least three times every week, but she prefers to go five times a week because she “feels lazy” when she takes a day off. She buddies up with friends to hit the gym and stay motivated. On the weekends, Kim and her friends like to take cardio classes together, like Spinning and Tae Bo. Other times, she’ll run on the treadmill for 30 minute sprees, covering two miles, and combines her cardio with 30 minutes of weight lifting, alternating between arms and legs. Naturally, she closes with ab crunches and stretching.

Reggie Bush Abs Workout

The motivation of a NFL player in the weight room is to build strength and become more of a savage. Now they definitely don't do this by jumping on some machines, doing a few bicep curls and calling it good. They lift to build strength and maintain it which requires heavy compound lifts, all of them. If you neglect any of the classic compound lifts in your routine you are robbing yourself of those abs you want.

Compound lifts build power and explosion but also will increase your testosterone production naturally. More Testosterone equals better abs, trust me on this one. Did you know that doing squats will naturally boost your T-levels? Well if you didn't than now you should learn to love them.

The following exercises need to be the meat and potatoes of your time in the weight room. Depending on whether or not you want to put on size you will want to vary your rep range. To build size go start with 8-10 reps for warm up and 4-6 max for your main sets. If you just want to maintain your size, warm up with 12-15 reps and stay in the 8-10 rep range for the rest of your workout. The key is to lift like an absolute beast, don't hole anything back.

These ab exercises are merely supplemental to help you really sculpt your abs when they start popping out so remember to focus the majority of your energy on sprinting and compound lifts. I recommend doing a 30 min ab workout twice a week. If you aren't at this stage of the game yet, than keep focusing on improving your compound lifts and really giving your HIIT training everything you've got.

Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise is just fantastic for your entire six pac with a concentration on the lower abs. Really focus and squeeze the contraction to maximize effectiveness with this movement. Bring your legs up at a regular tempo but don't let them go down fast, make sure you control them the whole way down with your abs.


I just can't stress burpees enough. They burn fat, build your upper body, arms, and most importantly, your abs. This will really cut up your lower abs and by building the explosion when you jump up and bring your legs up. Try to add a 6 inch jump with each rep instead of just standing up and you will increase the exercises effectiveness.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Derek Atlas Workout Routine

Derek is a full-time fashion and muscle fitness model, and has been making the rounds doing some adult work. At the time of filming he had only done a couple solos, but no real guy-on-guy…on camera.

Q How do you train?

A I follow a modified routine that's a mix of bodybuilding and powerlifting. Most people would define it as powerbuilding: heavy weight, high volume. But I throw in pain-tolerance training, which is very specific to my sport. When you watch a strongman competition, you probably think, Man, that must really hurt. Well, it does. So I have to train my body and mind to perform when they don't want to.

Q What exactly is pain-tolerance training?

A I'm the only guy I know who does this or even has a definition for it. I'll do extremely high-rep training, which most strength athletes don't do. I'll grab an empty barbell and curl it for 110 reps. At 50 reps your body tells your brain to stop because there's so much lactic acid building up in the muscles. I do the same with chins and pull-ups. On the elliptical, I'll max out for two minutes until my face is purple. I take myself into the discomfort zone. When I slow down to recover, I'm still working at about 75% of my max. Every workout I incorporate something that's very painful.

Q How accurate is the strongman designation?

A People say, "Oh, you're not really the strongest men in the world," but in essence we are. No one can move the poundage that we move the distance that we move it and live to tell about it. A lot of people consider the powerlifter with the highest total weight to be the strongest man in the word, but it's undynamic, single-plane lifting. Some of the strongest powerlifters have stepped into pro-level strongman shows and are mediocre at best.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Abs Workout for MILF

Yes, the good old crunch with a small modification. While this is probably everyone's least favorite exercise, it is great for toning your abs and is easily adjusted to suit different fitness levels. Start out by lying on your back with your legs up straight in the air. Gently place your hands behind your head with your elbows on or near the floor. Contract your muscles, and lift your head and shoulders off the floor keeping your elbows parallel with your ears. Don't push it; as soon as you feel it in your abs, stop. Hold that position for 10 seconds. Begin by repeating the exercise 5 times. As your abdominal muscles become stronger, you should increase the number of repetitions up to 10 times.

The wonderful thing about abs is that the time needed to devote to their improvement can be done in as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day. For a mom, this is perfect. With a towel, mat or carpeted room, your ab workout can be done while the children play, sleep, and crawl. RT delves into the basics which are the true foundation of an effective ab workout. She points out, “Women need to recognize that abs development is a delicate balance of resistance exercises, cardio and diet. Without all three progress is slow.” I hope you enjoy this series. It’s an excellent tool and starting routine for abs.

Begin in a pushup position (on your knees, if need be). Remember to keep your shoulders over your hands. Do one pushup and then bring one hand in close to the other hand. Do another close-handed pushup. Keep your arms tight into your body. Repeat a regular pushup and then a close-grip one. Do this exercise for one minute.

Begin in a normal squat position with feet shoulder width apart. Perform a regular squat, keep your chest pointing forward. Pretend you're sitting in a chair—stick that booty out! After performing the squat, bring one leg in close to the other, and perform a squat. Next, bring the opposite leg out to a regular squat position. Do this exercise for one minute.

Quick Tricks:
1. Try readjusting your goal to "Reduce my Body Fat"
2. Redefine ABS - to include your entire CORE - all the muscles that wrap around your midsection.
3. Move More
4. Eat Better

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Salma Hayek Workout

Salma does stretching. Hayek says that she eats properly, so actually she doesn’t need to workout. About her workouts, Salma says:

I do have thighs and a butt. I have cellulite. I fight with it every day. I don’t exercise, I eat pork,

You also can try to Do pectoral exercises to make your breast look fuller and perkier like Salma's. Use pushups, bench presses and dumbbell flys to target pectoral muscles. A pushup bra, padded bra or corset can help create the illusion of curves.

Work out your derrière. Salma Hayek's rounded glutes are thought to be one of her finest assets. Squats, dead lifts, and lunges are a few moves for targeting the glute muscles and helping create a well-toned attractive derrière.

Take up a training program that emphasizes resistance training and flexibility. As a child, Salma was an accomplished gymnast and her toned arms, legs and stomach are a result of years of training. Look for adult gymnastic programs in your area.

Even though she said she doesn't need workout, you still need it.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Tom Cruise Diet and Workout

Tom Cruise is an extremely famous and well known Hollywood actor. He is the perfect combination of boyish charm and good looks. His performances in films like Mission Impossible, Collateral and Top Gun were simply stunning. He boasts of a very flexible body with well built muscles. This combination of good looks and sexy body could drive any girl crazy.

Tom Cruise has shed 10lb in just six weeks, thanks to a strict diet and exercise programme devised by David Beckham.

The actor – who had piled on weight over the past year – turned to his soccer star neighbour for advice after being shocked by pictures showing him with a ‘spare tyre’.

Beckham drew up a nutrition plan and work-out regime and Cruise, 46, is said to be ‘thrilled’ with the result.

Tom has had to watch his weight for years because he’s not that tall and puts on weight easily.

'Now he keeps telling everyone he’s in as good shape now as he was when he did Top Gun. Katie is also delighted.’

Cruise’s new lean look is a far cry from his latest film role as a bloated movie agent in Tropic Thunder, which opens in the UK next month.

* To get a toned and a well built body, you must follow a healthy diet. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, a good workout plan and taking necessary supplements are very important to gain muscles. You must avoid having processed and junk food completely and take foods that contain high fiber like vegetables and fruits. These help you to gain muscle mass and cast off extra pounds. To maintain your body temperature you must drink a lot of water. You must drink a minimum of 10 glasses per day.

* Intake of small meals daily is necessary. It is important to take 6 to 8 small meals per day to accelerate metabolism and lose weight. Soy based products and egg whites that have high protein content must be consumed everyday so that your body is energized. Protein Rich supplements like whey and casein must be included in your diet.

* Tom Cruise has a well sculpted and sleek body. He maintains his body and remains fit by practicing medium intensive and cardio workouts. Cardio workouts like bicycling and running can be practiced from the comforts of your home making things very convenient. Recently David Beckham, the ace footballer, helped Tom Cruise to plan his bodybuilding regime.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sofia Vergara

Well according to an interview she did with Self Magazine sofia doesn't go with the traditional workout routines

"I hate to work out. I get in a bad mood when I have to do it! I'm not athletic. But I love dancing to Latin music, so I have a trainer who dances with me for an hour, three times a week. The truth is, you work out for health and you do look better. And I have a responsibility to the show. Nobody wants to see Gloria with a flat ass!"

But Vergara’s dedicated. “I said this year I would be a little more careful about exercise and eating healthy,” she said at the SAG Awards. And she is! See Sofia Vergara’s exact workout routine after the jump.

Although Sofia Vergara recognizes the importance of a good workout, she won’t go under the knife to combat aging. She says, “I exercise because you need it to stay slim and stay put, especially as you get older. But some women overdo it: Their body looks 20, but their face looks horrible. You need a little fat in your face! So they fill their face with crap, and then they look like monsters. Who do you think you’re fooling? We know those aren’t your lips. I don’t want plastic surgery or fillers or Botox.”

Try Vergara’s PHA circuit:

1. 10-15 reps of a lower-body exercise like a squat or lunge

2. 10-15 reps of an upper-body exercise like a row or a pull-up

3. 10-15 reps of a core exercise like crunches or stability ball work

4. 30 seconds of cardio

Repeat 2 to 3 times and switch the order of steps 1 to 3.

Daniel Craig Workout

The circuit consisted of 7 exercises and 4 sets where the first set is the warm-up set to allow Daniel to warm up his muscles and get the correct posture and form. 15 reps of each exercise is done and all 7 exercises are done back to back with minimal rest to really get the heart rate going.

1.The Clean and Jerk: Stand with your heels on the ground. Grab a barbell like you are going to do a deadlift. Lift it to your mid thighs, flip to your chest, then press overhead.

2.Squat: Traditional squats with wide stance and toes pointing out a bit. Just go down to 90 degrees. Don’t lock out at the top.

3.Bench Press: Basic barbell bench press, but take 3 seconds to lower and one second to raise the weight. Don’t lockout at top.

4.Pull Ups or Chin Ups: Take an overhand grip, and make sure you go up high enough to where your chin goes over the bar. If these are too difficult use a chin up machine or lat pull down machine.

5.Dips: Basic dips and go down to where your elbows reach 90 degrees before going back up. Use a Gravitron machine that assists you with dips if you are not strong enough.

6.Bicep Curls: Use a straight bar if possible and use a full range of motion.

7.Dumbbell Lateral Raises: Bend your arms 90 degree’s and use a strict motion to raise the dumbbells to shoulder level. It is best to use a light weight and be strict with these

As Craig was quite “built” in Casino Royale, cardio should be kept to a minimum (two days to three days per week) and heavy weight training should be the focus of the workout plan, particularly in the upper body. While pushing yourself at the gym is important, it is also imperative that you focus on rest and recuperation; if you aren’t getting enough sleep, chances are that your gains will suffer.


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