Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How Long Should We Do Cardio?

To lose weight you must also have a healthy diet, the average calories a human will consume in one day is about 2000, drop it to 1600. Stay away from sugary things like ice cream, soda, all the stuff you tend to eat/drink for no reason other then flavor. A simple routine would just run/jog around for 30 minutes, then jump rope for 15 minutes, then jumping jacks. The next day, sprint up and down the block 6 times (it will make you take a ****), and if you don't know what sprinting is, you start at point A, and you run as fast as you can to point B (make sure it is about 400 feet away, or it should take you at least 10-15 seconds sprinting at full speed to reach point B). Take a minute break, stretching the muscles. Any exercise will do, but a very good exercise I find great is swimming. If you can't swim, just stick to ground exercises. Did you know ONE game of basketball (generally around 30-45 minutes depending on intensity of the game) burns 500 calories? I'm able to play four games after another (of course with about 5-10 minute breaks) and I burn 2000 calories just doing that. Not to mention I do weight lifting. Just watch your diet, mainly fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole weat (no white bread, no processed foods or perserved (cold cuts- salami, hot dogs, bologna), lean meat (chicken, non-fat slices of ham), no FRIED foods, no soft / sugary drinks. For breakfast eat egg whites and ham Lunch a good salad, light on the dressing, chicken Or Healthy whole wheat home-made sandwich or from subways Dinner Chicken with whole weat pasta / rice (white rice is a bit unhealthy, I eat it though because it's instant energy for me) or you can come up with your own meals.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jai Courtney Workout Routine

The Die Hard star needs only one piece of equipment, 30min and a bit of space to add bulk to his entire upper body. This hardcore bodyweight circuit uses a TRX to provide optimum resistance and instability – improving core strength as well as building new muscle. Perform each superset four times, resting for 60sec between each set. Too busy to get in a full hour’s workout? Fit it around your body’s fat-burning schedule, instead. “If you get just a bit of exercise in before every meal, you’ll really see a difference,” says Courtney. Perform 50 press-ups, sit-ups or prisoner squats, broken up into as many sets as you need before eating. It will force your body to access fat stores for fuel. Explosive, high-octane workouts may take the limelight but less flashy sessions really keep your metabolism kicking. "I've been doing a lot of low-impact cardio, which is a great way to burn fat," says Courtney. Trade one weights session a week for 45min on the elliptical trainer, with a focus on working your arms to push out as much lactic acid as possible from resistance training. Consider it your six-pack supporting act.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ryan Reynolds Cardio Routine

RR was already in great shape, and did NOT want to lose any weight, he needed to gain 10-15 lbs. of muscle. Because he was doing intensive fight training along with the weight training, cardio was definitely not something that would not be beneficial for him. By exercising daily, and doing the exercise and routines that I talked about above, Ryan was able to work his cardio INTO his weight training by minimizing downtime between sets. As for resistance work Ryan Reynolds had approx 5 months to turn a lean, but skinny natural body shape into the lean hulking body he sported in Blade Trinity. In order to do this Reynolds enlisted the help of Darren Champman, an ex UK Olympic Bobsleigh team member as a personal trainer. Champan made Reynolds do between 500 and 1000 sit ups at the start of each workout. This would not only warm up Reynolds for his workout but it would, of course, develop a lean and tone stomach. After that the Ryan Reynolds workout woul concentrate on major muscle groups in a split resistence routine - chest one day, back another, shoulders next day, followed by a legs day, with arms through in somewhere during a given week. Ryan Reynolds cardio workout Simple put, for his role in Blade Trinity Ryan Reynolds didn't perform cardiovascular work / fat burning work. He felt as a naturally skinny guy Reynolds didn't feel like he needed it. And with the body he sported in Blade Trinity and X Men Origins: Wolverine, who's going to argue?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gemma Arterton Workout

I hear you had to endure a lot of training for Clash of the Titans. How do you handle the physical demands the studios put on you in movies like Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia? Gemma Arterton: The way I rationalize it is it’s like putting on a fake nose or a wig. If the movie requires you to look athletic, because you’re an athletic character who runs around a lot, then be athletic. If you have to be big and fat, then be big and fat. In Alice Creed, I’m actually a lot more voluptuous than I am now and that was fine. If it’s necessary then do it. Except that maybe her routine isn’t such hard work, as Gemma keeps trim using a PowerPlate which is claimed to give the same results as a traditional workout in a third of the time. The vibrating machine increases the effect of movement on the body, intensifying the results from lunges, step exercise, squats and many other exercises that can be performed involving the machine – hold the pose and the vibrating plate activates reflexive muscle contractions throughout the body. The makers claim a full-body workout is possible in as little as 15 minutes and three short workouts a week can be enough to increase muscle strength and flexibility and aid weight and cellulite reduction, while improving bone density and blood circulation. It’s what is now being referred to as acceleration training. “For me, staying in shape is about feeling healthy and looking toned, so the Power Plate machine has been a revelation. It is a workout method that fits in with my schedule and helps me achieve my fitness goals, even when time is limited,” says Arterton. “I have already noticed the results and I just love the buzz I get after a workout. I also feel stronger and more energized.”

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Workout

Getting a toned and sexy body like Tom Cruise is not necessarily a ‘mission impossible’. The only ‘collateral’ you would have to exchange to achieve a hot body would be throwing away your current lifestyle for a more healthier, workout-filled lifestyle. Do you truly want a healthy, toned and built body? You’ve got to diet and workout. Some of the techniques Tom Cruise followed included exercises that helped him increase his muscles mass and strengthen his muscles. His cardio workouts include running, jogging and cycling. His other workouts include press-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, bench presses and dumbbell curls played a huge role in his building up process. Everyday, Tom Cruise went to the gym for just an hour and half. He also made sure he ate healthily. In order to boost his performance, Tom Cruise had to cut junk food out of his diet and drink lots of water. "I train, go without sleep. I just go hard," Tom tells the June 2012 issue of Playboy. "I work. I’m always with family." Cruise, who's known for doing a lot of his own stuntwork in his action films, recently underwent a grueling training regimen to play a rocker in the film "Rock of Ages," in which he flaunts his chiseled physique (complete with ripped six-pack abs!). In addition to following a strict diet and lifting weights several hours a day, Tom also underwent three hours of daily dance training and five hours of voice training every day. But intense preparation and discipline is nothing new for the dynamic superstar. "I train pretty hard," Cruise admits. "For 'The Last Samurai (2003),' I spent a year training six hours a day, seven days a week to be able to handle a sword and do it on uneven terrain, because I didn’t want to blow my knees out. "You’ve got to build the body up for impact. I remember trying to put my shirt on at one point and couldn’t because my forearms had gotten so big. It was the same with "Rock of Ages"—five hours a day learning to sing, three hours a day dancing." Cruise, who says he'll continue to make action films well into his fifties, refuses to go under the knife. "I haven’t [had plastic surgery], and I never would," he says. The 5-foot-7-inch Cruise, who was dyslexic and poor growing up, had attended 15 different schools by the age of 14 and was bullied at almost every one. Those are circumstances that would break most people's spirits, but those early challenges are what gave Cruise his fierce determination and will. "I learned that even in times that were challenging, you have a choice whether to let problems overwhelm you," he says. "When you’re going to new schools, you’re confronted by different things, but you always have a choice, and mine was to learn to handle it."

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Burning Fat with Aerobic Exercise

Your body burns either fat or carbs depending on the intensity of your activity. But when it comes to losing weight, calories are calories. You burn fat even when you're in couch-potato mode. Yet, a lot of misunderstanding prevails. Whether increased fat burning will result in actual weight loss is dependent upon several variables, including the total calories burned (which include both fat and carbohydrate calories) and the total fat calories burned. If you do work at a low intensity, you need to increase the time spent exercising to burn more calories. What matters most is the total number of calories burned. If you burned 250 calories every day from a short, fast jog, you'd see a bigger difference in weight and fat loss than if you walked every day for the same amount of time. Aerobic excercises and strength excercises are the yin and yang of the exercise world. They are two fundamentally different concepts that meet in a "harmony of opposites." To be clear, aerobics implies low intensity, long duration exercise that is intended to expend calories and burn fat. "Cardio" is something different; it refers to strengthening the heart muscle. Many people use "cardio" and "aerobics" interchangeably, but as is evident, that's incorrect. Aerobic training low intensity. Strength training is high intensity. Combining the two into one effective, efficient training regimen can be greatly simplified by using rational training principles. Aerobic training makes your body an efficient fat-burning machine. True, but this isn't a desirable response. Yes, aerobic training does demand work from the muscles, but not as much as other activities, and it doesn't require the muscle tissue to last, either. Because the only tissue that burns fat in the body is muscle, aerobics are ineffective at building and maintaining your body's fat-burning tools. Aerobic training such as walking, riding a stationary bike, or running is a good way to accelerate the fat burning process, as long as it is not overdone and as long as it is used only in addition to a good weight training program. It should never be used as a substitute for weight training since it does not permanently increases your metabolism and since it does not has the ability to re-shape your body.


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